IHCC is expanding to two new health centres

We are expanding our services to two new health centres and we visited the first one today to introduce our programme and to find some health care workers keen to be trained. We visit the second health centre tomorrow. This is a significant milestone in our development.

The first centre for expansion is Kisenyi Health Centre where we will be starting a children’s ear clinic once a week and increasing as the numbers of children grow. We will also be piloting a newborn hearing screening programme later this year.
Today we began training the health care workers in Primary Ear and Hearing care in preparation for expansion of our services

Our second centre is Komamboga Health Centre and we plan to begin training here early in 2016.

It is hoped that we will be able to see and treat between 1500-2000 more children a year and run our health education programme with pregnant women, mothers and health care workers in both centres.


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