hEAR'S A GIFT!  Click and unwrap a hEAR'S A GIFT present below and you will see how this gift will transform the hearing outcomes of children in Uganda.

The most common and preventable cause of childhood hearing loss in developing countries that is inexpensive to treat

This charity gift pays for the medical treatment of up to 20 children 

Early identification and appropriate intervention will improve the speech and language outcomes of a child

This charity gift pays for 10 babies to be screened at birth. 

Many of our children fitted with hearing aids require additional help and support to develop their speech.

This charity gift pays for a child to have a speech therapy session.

A hearing aid is no use without its battery power

This charity gift will provide a years supply of batteries for a child with bilateral hearing aids.

Many parents are unaware of the causes of hearing loss and the importance of early intervention

This charity gift will pay to take TED around three parishes of Kampala creating awareness to a community with a population of approximately 5,000 people 

TED - IHCC NEW MOBILE CLINIC delivers treatment, screening and health education to disadvantaged children and their families in their community

This charity gift pays for TED to be stocked up with enough medicines and consumables to screen and treat approximately 60 children 

Hearing aids can transform the life of a child with a hearing impairment

This charity gift will pay for a child to be fitted with a pair of hearing aids 

There are currently only 7 Audiologists in the whole of Uganda but very few have Paediatric experience

This charity gift will fund a months training and work experience for a Ugandan Audiology student to work in our clinic