About us

Let the Children Hear (LTCH) is a UK registered charity and Ugandan registered Non Government Organisation (NGO) that was founded in November 2011 by four trustees, friends coming together to share their skills, passion and commitment for starting a charity whose work will make a big difference to the lives of underprivileged children

Our vision

Improved hearing outcomes for children aged 0-16 years in developing countries.

Our Mission

To improve the hearing outcomes of children in Uganda by adopting strategies which focus on the prevention and early intervention of childhood hearing loss, to aid social integration, speech and language development and access to education From its inception, LTCH has created a clear vision, mission, goals and set of objectives which underpin its strategy with the aim of providing a strong foundation on which the project can grow and become sustainable long term.

Where we work

Our first programme started in Uganda in 2014.

Our objectives

  • To educate health care workers and the public about childhood hearing loss and the importance of prevention and early intervention.
  • To increase the number of Health Care Workers trained in the field of Primary Ear and Hearing Care.
  • To provide an accessible ear and hearing care service for children and their families.
  • To leave a legacy by integrating the service into the country’s health care system to provide for sustainability.
  • To strengthen maternal and child health care to reduce the incidence and prevalence of childhood hearing loss.