Meet the Ugandan Team

Ruth Eyal Nandudu

Group Administrator

Ruth’s experience working within Finance and Administration in the charity sector is invaluable to LTCH. She enjoys the opportunity to work with children and said “I enjoy working with LTCH because I have an opportunity to participate in creating positive change, bringing hope and putting a smile on the faces of children as they are being provided with the opportunities for better hearing.”

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Rinah Onyut

Clinic Clerk – Kisenyi

Rinah Joined us at the end of 2018 on a part time basis. She over sees all the appointments and keeps the records in check. She also has experience as a sign language teacher and is now working with some of our younger children, helping them to communicate.

Angela Kobusinge

Lead New Born Screener

Angela joined the team in 2018 and was trained as a new born screener. Mainly working in Kawala Health Centre she screens on average 50 Babies a week for early detection of hearing loss. LTCH has a programme to train more screeners who work locally as early intervention is key to ensuring good hearing outcomes.

Dorcus Kamala

Clinic Clerk – Kawempi Hospital

Dorcus holds a bachelors of Arts in Social sciences with experience working with NGOs such as ‘Africa Loves’ in 2018, which basically dealt with children. Her love for work and children is evident. She joined LTCH at the beginning of 2020 as the clinic clerk at Kawempe referral Hospital.

Gerald Ssemaganda

Speech Therapist

Organised, compassionate and detail oriented Speech and Language Therapist with high standards of performance and support for children with Speech and language disorders and disability. Giving auditory access to our children develops along the auditory hierarchy that enables us to better foster clients’ skills by designing appropriate goals, bench marks and activities for auditory, speech and language development.

Joyce Nattabi

Trainee Audiologist

A practicing nurse, trainee and now student of Audiology at Mulago paramedical school. Joyce loves working with children and making a difference to their hearing outcomes.

Bwamble Festo


A Ugandan audiologist working with Let the children hear charity. Passionate about audiology and to develop a professional career in it especially in helping hearing impaired children to hear again to explore their full potential.

Karim Mpango


I am a driver at LTCH. I have got the opportunity of working closely with School screening and i love the work that’s done by the organisation.

Norina Golla

Volunteer hearing aid technician

Norina joined us in 2017 as a volunteer. She works on a part time basis fitting and fine tuning hearing aids. She is very passionate about her work and is a great asset to the team.

Odwera Emmanuel

Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

Emmanuel joined LTCH in 2020 as a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant. He is currently working on a monitoring and evaluation plan for our DFID funded project. He works closely with the Ugandan team members working on their respective project activities to achieve the desired outcomes set for the project.