Kampala based IHCC Audiologist visits UK

In November Josephine, our Kampala based audiologist, came to the UK for 2 weeks to attend a training course and to work alongside audiologists and screeners to improve her  knowledge and practical skills in paediatric audiology.

She attended a Paediatric Audiology refresher course in Middlesborough and then spent time working  with our audiology advisor Pam Layton in her clinics. She was able to see children being tested and also to attend the multidisciplinary meeting which was very helpful in deciding the management of children. She also spent a day with a newborn hearing screener to learn the practical aspects of screening new-born babies, giving information to parents and the importance of good record keeping. Josephine was also invited to attend Luton North Rotary club who have supported our grant application for a mobile clinic. She was able to give a progress report on our activities in Kampala and her work with IHCC.

Josephine sums up her training and work experience and how she plans to use it for the benefit of the underprivileged children we work with.

‘Most of what I have learnt is what I knew already but have not had the opportunity to practice. Most important was that I learnt how to deal with ‘difficult to test’ children.

I plan to use the information I learnt to assess and manage the underprivileged children who would otherwise need to pay a lot of money for hearing tests and hearing aids.

My appreciation goes to IHCC for giving me the opportunity to attend this training and visiting other centres to see how others are doing things, it has made me a better audiologist.

I promise to use the information I acquired to help with the work IHCC is doing in Kampala and to teach fellow colleagues and students so that we can improve audiology services in Uganda’


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