We can now programme our own hearing aids

Thanks to the huge contribution and help our hearing aid provider in the UK has given us we are now able to programme our recycled and reconditioned hearing aids. Until recently we had relied on our hearing aids being pre-programmed to a range of hearing losses which was not ideal but was better than nothing. We were supplied with the Oticon and Siemens software installed in a new computer and after a few technical glitches which Katie our volunteer managed to sort out we are now up and running!

Over the past three months our hearing aid programme has really taken off and has developed into a fully functional comprehensive programme which offers children and their families a good level of service and of which we can be proud of. Since April this year we have fitted ten children with hearing aids and they are being closely followed up. This may not seem a large number but our ethos is to aim for long term impact rather than short term gain. We only fit hearing aids to children whose parents or guardians have been counselled and are committed to the care and follow up their child will need. By adopting this approach children are more likely to benefit from the service and have better outcomes.


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