IHCC Frisbees spread the word and are a big hit with the children in Uganda

Our fabulous new Frisbees, distributed by Paul and Liz to local youngsters who visit the community outreach clinics, have been a massive hit. As well as being great fun they carry a serious message into the community. They also carry a contact number.

Designed by IHCC volunteer, Jude Chapman, who is a creative director and marketing specialist, the Frisbees show graphic illustration of the three main areas which IHCC focus on. Prevention of pre-natal deafness which occurs in the womb, hearing screening at birth to ensure early diagnosis and management of hearing loss and treatment of ear infections, a major cause of hearing loss in children.

The majority of children had never set eyes on a Frisbee before and had to be shown how to play with them.

Children fought to get their hands on one and mothers thanked us for providing them with new plates!


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